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I flew out of Atlanta, Georgia today.  While waiting to go through the TSA checkpoint, I was directed into a special waiting line.  The line was special for two reasons.   The first was that it was about five times longer than the normal lines.  The second was that instead of just having a metal detector at the end, it also had a new millimeter wave body scanner, which is part of the TSA’s Advanced Imaging Technology.

When I had gotten close to the scanners, I saw that a government agent was directing each person to either go through the metal detector or the body scanner.  I loudly asked another TSA agent, the manager, if the second machine was “one of those nudo-scanners”.  It laughed and said that the machine was a “nudo-scanner”.  Then I turned to some teenage girls behind me and asked them if they were going to go through it.  They stared at me blankly.

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