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Top 5 Reasons Government is Responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill


BP should be held responsible for all damage that it does to private property.  Government should be held responsible for its contribution to the mess.  Here are some reasons why government shares the blame.

5. Government was in charge of inspecting the oil rig, regulations, safety standards, etc.  In fact, government agents inspected the rig mere hours before it exploded.

4. Government encourages risky behavior by limiting liability.  This is compounded by the fact that the oceans are socialized, leading to the tragedy of the commons.  If people were allowed to own ocean wildlife, they would be able to protect it.

3. Government encourages drilling in deep water.  This is more difficult, which makes spills more likely.  This also makes it much harder to plug any leaks.

2. Government encourages dependence on oil by funneling alternative energy research funds to useless, but politically connected, corn lobby.

1. Government steals half of my money each year, so I can’t afford to help clean up the spill like Kevin Costner.  Okay, maybe that’s a stretch.  But how about this?  The federal government won’t even let the cleaning barges that are on site go into operation.

The Judge explains it all.

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Parent’s License


A friend of mine said, “It is ridiculous that the government regulates driving, but not having children”.  I agreed with her statement, but not her sentiment.

It makes sense that if driving is licensed, then then having children should also be licensed. So logically the choice comes down to total government or no government.

It’s true that not all parents do a great job, but government hasn’t exactly stamped out automobile accidents either.

You might think that licensing drivers at least gives people an incentive to learn some basic driving skills.  But think about what is required to get a driver’s license.  Not much.  Some very basic driving techniques.  Basically nothing in the way of being responsible.

Now consider a free market system. 

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Census 2010


Below is an advertisement currently on display in Philadelphia, with an unintentional double meaning.

Continue reading if you need a hint.

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Jefferson vs Lincoln: A False Choice


Josh Eboch at the Tenth Amendment Center writes that Americans must choose between Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.  Yet that choice has already been made.  The American Experiment has given us the greater of the two evils presented for selection.

However, this was and still is a false choice.  America has gone down the path of violence because with the very first step they compromised the principle of individual sovereignty and self ownership.

It is too narrow to view American history as a conflict between the idea of federalism advocated by Jefferson and Lincoln’s nationalism.   This is merely one aspect of a greater conflict described by Murray Rothbard as the struggle between liberty and power.

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