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Stone Mountain


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Not only is it more beautiful, but the ideas that it represents are more noble. Independence, self determination, and freedom of association. As Murray Rothbard once said, “The South will rise again!”

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Social Contract Fallacy


Denial is a defense mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

You are a slave.

If you’ve ever argued with a government apologist, you’ve heard the social contract fallacy.  It says that even though government does evil things like steal your money and kill people, that is okay because everyone agreed to live under the government’s rule.

Of course, there is no explicit contract.  Nobody agrees to give away 50% of their income when they turn 18 either verbally or with a pen.  So, the statists need to fall back on the idea of an implicit contract.  This is the idea that by living in a certain country, you implicitly agree to follow whatever rules the government comes up with.  This argument is easily overcome by pointing out that if you are on land that you own, then nobody has the right to come onto your land and force you to join their “club”.  That is called extortion.  Extortion is what government does.

Predictably, enablers will continue to change their justification.  The will now assert that the government owns all the land in the country.  If you don’t like it, you can leave.  Of course, this argument also runs into trouble

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A Note on Google


Let me mention two things as background. First, I occasionally do a web search of my own name to see what pops up. Second, I have a private website where I upload files to share with friends. The directory is not secured, so anyone who I send the link to can view all the files and download them, 1990s style.


The last time I searched for my name on Google, I noticed that it had found one such directory on my website where I had uploaded some videos. I was surprised because, as far as I know, there was only one place where Google could have found the link to those files: in private emails from my Gmail account.

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Jefferson vs Lincoln: A False Choice


Josh Eboch at the Tenth Amendment Center writes that Americans must choose between Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.  Yet that choice has already been made.  The American Experiment has given us the greater of the two evils presented for selection.

However, this was and still is a false choice.  America has gone down the path of violence because with the very first step they compromised the principle of individual sovereignty and self ownership.

It is too narrow to view American history as a conflict between the idea of federalism advocated by Jefferson and Lincoln’s nationalism.   This is merely one aspect of a greater conflict described by Murray Rothbard as the struggle between liberty and power.

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An individual can choose with whom they interact.  This freedom of association is a natural right and the essence of liberty.  Individuals exercise this right by cooperating for mutual benefit.  The resulting division of labor leads to modern societies, in which people work together and live affluently.  Societies in this sense are merely a way of describing the voluntary interactions of certain sets of individuals.  A hermit withdraws from society, not by physically removing himself from a location, but by refraining from all human interaction.

Individuals can interact, and hence form groups, however they agree to.  An individual may not be free to join a particular organization if the necessary actions would violate the rights of others.  However, an individual has the right to leave any organization, since this harms no one.  To withdraw does not require any interaction.  All that is required is to refrain from interacting.

When many individuals do this in concert with respect to a government, it is called secession.

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