Social Contract Fallacy


Denial is a defense mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

You are a slave.

If you’ve ever argued with a government apologist, you’ve heard the social contract fallacy.  It says that even though government does evil things like steal your money and kill people, that is okay because everyone agreed to live under the government’s rule.

Of course, there is no explicit contract.  Nobody agrees to give away 50% of their income when they turn 18 either verbally or with a pen.  So, the statists need to fall back on the idea of an implicit contract.  This is the idea that by living in a certain country, you implicitly agree to follow whatever rules the government comes up with.  This argument is easily overcome by pointing out that if you are on land that you own, then nobody has the right to come onto your land and force you to join their “club”.  That is called extortion.  Extortion is what government does.

Predictably, enablers will continue to change their justification.  The will now assert that the government owns all the land in the country.  If you don’t like it, you can leave.  Of course, this argument also runs into troubleIf the government owns all the land and can tell you what to do if you stay, then your only right is the right to leave.  While you stay, they can take all of your income, everything you own, take your children away from you, watch you shower and even kill you for any reason.  It’s their land so they make the rules, right?

Wrong. First of all, even if government owned all the land, they would still not be justified in what they do.  For example, if you wandered onto your neighbor’s property, he could ask you to leave, but he could not put you in a prison cell for 10 years.   Just because you are on his land does not give him the right to stab you or take your property.

Second, the government does not own all the land in the country.  It could certainly claim to own all the land, even write such a claim on some legislation and have every politician vote for it, but it would not make it so.  The Irish government cannot make themselves the owners of Spain just by writing it down, so they clearly cannot do so with the land in Ireland either.  Remember, they cannot justify this by saying that the government owns all the land, since that is what they are trying to prove.  Yes, they could take the land by force, but that whole point.  Government is a gang of thieves and murders.  They don’t legitimately own anything, they just steal things from honest people.

The next fallacy that the shill will fall back on is arguing that everyone benefits from government services, so everyone must (be forced to) pay.  But everyone benefits from me bathing, so should everyone be forced to pay me when I take a shower?  Was old fashioned slavery justified because the slave owners fed their slaves and gave them clothing?  Is it okay for me to paint your house and then demand a payment?  Clearly, there is no contract of any sort in these situations.

If an interaction is voluntary, then no force is necessary.  People will willing pay for things that they want, like security, insurance, and food.   The fact that government has to use force against innocent people proves that whatever services they are offering are worth less than what they are “charging”.  And that is the rub.  If an interaction is not voluntary, then there is no contract.

So, what is the reality of our situation?  We are at the mercy of an immoral institution, created centuries ago but continually propped up by the ruling elite, their hired thugs, bought and paid propagandists and fools who do it for free.  Thankfully, economic law prevents total enslavement, so there will always be hope for freedom in the future.   More importantly, you can work towards personal freedom right now.  Check out Harry Browne’s little book, How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World.

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