It is somewhere written that the militia is necessary to the security of a free state. The reason is simply that only a person who takes responsibility for their own security can ever be free. A person who, like a child, depends upon another for their food, shelter, safety, or anything else is easily controlled by their provider. The importance of the militia is in its core ideology of self sufficiency and preparedness because what is needed for freedom is the conviction to resolve problems without relying on the State.

Complete independence from the State would seem like a small task, as this is how a person lives most of the time, taking care of themselves and making their own decisions. This self determination is ideal because only an individual can know what they want. Another person could not possibly make the right decisions for them. It is even more absurd that the State attempts to make decisions for everybody.

John Stossel says it clearly, “Politicians and the media always talk about who ‘will run the country.’ What arrogance! Do these pundits and politicians think that government is so important that if politicians don’t call the shots, America stops? Nonsense. Politicians don’t run the country. America isn’t a car that will crash without a president at the helm. America is run by millions of free people, entertaining themselves, building spectacular buildings, distributing thousands of wonderful, new inventions.”

Personal motivation and hard work are the reasons society enjoys its current standard of living. The militia advocates that every individual work to provide for their own needs, including unknown future needs. The alternative of depending on the State “safety net” is merely a euphemism for saying that if someone runs out of food, their plan is to steal it from their neighbor. Clearly this is not a moral or responsible position to take.

In the same way, the State is never a tenable solution to any problem on either practical or moral grounds. That is why people who understand economics advocate minimizing government. Well the minimum is zero, but it can never be achieved while individuals choose to use aggressive violence to solve their problems.

While independence from the State is paramount, it is not necessary to be independent of other individuals. It is good to buy or trade for things that you need. This division of labor makes life easier and more prosperous for everyone. There is no need for everyone to grow their own food, as long as they can buy it in advance and save it for when they need it. Of course, a person can save money by developing certain skills in order to do things on their own. Only an individual can determine how to best spend their time and resources to maximize their productivity and savings. However, in their efforts to save money, an individual should not rely on the State currency. As one stores non-perishable food, so should they save non-perishable money.

With no foreign dangers to worry about, the modern militia often turns its attention to the domestic enemy. However, the point of the militia is not to fight the State. It is to make it irrelevant. Therefore, the militia must never try to legitimize itself by asserting that it can be an asset to the State. It must only be an asset to a community. To that end, an individual must first attend to their own independence. With the security that comes from personal responsibility they will then be able to contribute to the community. At that point they are a part of the militia — living with dignity and capable of cooperating with others to solve whatever problems may arise.


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