Water Fluoridation


In the movie Conspiracy Theory Mel Gibson says, “You know what they put in the water, don’t you? Fluoride! Yeah, fluoride. On the pretext that it strengthens your teeth! That’s ridiculous. You know what this stuff does to you? It actually weakens your will, takes away the capacity for free and creative thought and makes you a slave to the state”.  Or take this scene from Dr. Strangelove:

Hang around the freedom movement long enough and you’ll hear someone mention water fluoridation.  This is the controlled addition of fluoride to the water supply.  So, is fluoride really added to the water supply to manipulate the population?  Or is it, as the government says, to promote healthy teeth?

Small quantities of fluoride can promote health in adult teeth.  That’s why it is good for adults to brush their teeth with fluoride tooth paste.  Since some of the water in the water supply goes onto people’s teeth (as opposed to washing dishes, watering plants, etc), the government is able to medicate large numbers of people by adding fluoride to the water supply.

Like most things, government is bad at playing doctor.  By trying to medicate people through the water supply, government gives unknown amounts of “medication” to unknown individuals with unknown health conditions.  This is unwise regardless of the medication in question.

Fluoride is probably not being used for some sort of mind control.  However, it does have a well established negative effect on babies and young children.  It is called fluorosis, and it can range from a mild cosmetic problem to a fairly serious dental health issue.  Everyone is different, so the affects on any individual will vary by how much fluoridated water they drink, and how their body reacts to fluoride.  Enough fluoride can be toxic, but to get enough from typical drinking water would require someone to drink five times their weight in water.  That’s a tall order.  However, negative side effects on the digestive system can occur with smaller amounts.

Regardless, there is an even more important reason why government should abandon its crazed, carpet-bomb approach to medication: it is completely immoral. It is immoral because it is unhealthy for some people.  It is immoral because individuals should decide what to put into their bodies.  It is immoral because government steals money from innocent people to pay for this forced medication.

Even though the government agents’ actions are criminal, this would not count as a conspiracy since they do it openly — they brag about doing things to you for your own good.   In any case, there is one last thing that should be considered: economics.

Generally, when government does something bad there is an economic incentive.  Why fluoridate water when most of it is sprayed onto lawns, flushed down the toilet, and never goes anywhere near a tooth?  In this case, fluoridation of the water supply is just a way for manufacturing companies to dispose of an industrial waste product.  The solution to pollution is dilution.

Toothpaste has nice sodium fluoride that has been shown to promote healthy teeth.  When your dentist polishes your teeth and treats them with fluoride, they use this medical grade substance.  Water supplies are given hydrofluorosilicic acid, which is a different fluoride compound.  Just because brushing your teeth with the former (and spitting it out) is a good idea, does not mean that drinking the latter is also a good idea.

Would a free society have fluoridated water supplies?  Probably not.  Even today, there are better methods of getting fluoride to those who need it (toothpaste, mouthwash, supplements), without forcing it on those whom it can harm.

Those who want a more detailed look at water fluoridation should check out James Corbett’s report on the subject and this Australian news program:

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