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A friend of mine said, “It is ridiculous that the government regulates driving, but not having children”.  I agreed with her statement, but not her sentiment.

It makes sense that if driving is licensed, then then having children should also be licensed. So logically the choice comes down to total government or no government.

It’s true that not all parents do a great job, but government hasn’t exactly stamped out automobile accidents either.

You might think that licensing drivers at least gives people an incentive to learn some basic driving skills.  But think about what is required to get a driver’s license.  Not much.  Some very basic driving techniques.  Basically nothing in the way of being responsible.

Now consider a free market system.  Private companies would provide several different levels of education and testing for drivers.  These tests would be more difficult, but would also better prepare people for driving.   They would not be mandatory, but there would be a great incentive to take the tests.  Those who pass them would have much less expensive insurance.

Do some studying, pay $100 once and save $300 a year for ten years.  Insurance companies would only give discounts for passing tests that actually produce better drivers.  Testing companies would only get paid if their courses and tests produced better drivers.  Compare this to the barely motivated bureaucrats who administer government driving tests.  They get paid regardless of how many people die each year in driving accidents.

Private companies would only certify drivers for a period of time, say a decade.  On the other hand, the government thinks that if you can drive at 20 years of age then you will still have the motor skills to to drive safely sixty years later.

Now consider the government’s record on meddling with reproduction.  Perverse tax and subsidy incentives impels those least fit to be parents to have the most children.  Artificial limits on the number of children allowed prevents good parents from raising large families.  Welfare encourages divorce, broken families, and poverty, none of which are good for children.

So when an obvious contradiction arises between having government run our lives in one area, and being free in another, let’s opt for more freedom.

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