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January Contest


In the event of a cataclysm, the world will likely find much of its infrastructure destroyed. Without the logistical support of a global economy, millions will find themselves forced into the hunter/gatherer roles that predate most agriculture. While Fox News has already determined what will happen in the event of massive global warming, I personally have yet to find absolutely convincing evidence.

Therefore, the January Contest will make the most of the resources available today, prior to the inevitible apocalypse. The reader who submits the absolute best argument for or against man-made global warming (a.k.a. man-made climate change) will be fed by me using exclusively modern conveniences. If the winner doesn’t live within a few miles of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then I’ll send them a gift card to a chain restaurant – again, fulfilling my promise to feed the winner using exclusively modern conveniences.

Entrants do not need to use original arguments. Feel free to provide links to other people’s research and conclusions. All entries must be submitted as a comment to this post, and all entries must be submitted by 11:59:59 PM, January 31, 2009. The winners will be announced in the February Contest announcement.